washed wool tunisia

We are company Aswaf Mansour spinning pure wool. This group has developed its expertise in this field since 1960. Our company has started exporting wool since 2012 but the firm has been established since 1960. The start was with selling carpets, after that the business developed to buying wool and making yarn for local market. In the end in 2012, we have decided to expend to global market and started doing business with world wool buyers/importers. From that time till now we have worked with companies from almost every part of the world. The main activity of the company is currently washing and drying of wool and spinning and dyeing. . This group consists of 3 main parts:

The first deals with the wool collection:

  • ltannery wool (white, mixed) of Majes after the series.
  • cut wool (white and black) and the agriculture.

And then the full wash.

The 2nd part makes wool spinning and dyeing third party takes as a spot in the finished wool yarn production cycle. These finished products are intended for the production of carpets and kilims traditional Tunisia. This group is located in an area of 3000 m.

Mr. Naji Mansour
Fondateur de la société

M. Mansour
Héritier de l'entreprise et le CEO

Technological level

The technological level is average for the whole, however it should be noted that the expertise of the company’s staff is adopted at the technological level of the equipment in place. Equipment and tools allow the execution of necessary work. The company integrates a complete production process consists carded son washing, spinning and dyeing skeins.Gained our expertise for many years, our high product either produce (raw wool, carded yarn, carpet yarn or tinted), which provide us a good reputation internationally and in the local market as well.